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Branding and digital design are just what Rouge Media are all about, and from what we can tell, Branding is becoming more and more important in the race to differentiate products from those of the competition. Customer loyalty is no longer enough either, you have to ‘win your position’ in the race every day and that takes a lot of effort.

More Time for Branding to Sink In

We found this interesting piece on the web, it telling how companies are actually trying to slow down the rate at which people view their web pages (perhaps so their brand has more time to ‘sink in?) and sites, this being achieved by making the pages more interactive. One interesting method is to get previous customers to take a picture / video of a product in their own (ordinary) homes, rather then the normal way of showing it in a palatial palace that most can only dream about owning.

They also go into how powerful video content is, conversion rates rising 4 fold according to their data.

New technology is enabling brands to make their online content more immersive, even the hard-to-pin-down emotional qualities of customer servcie.

Good things come to those who wait. But in today’s fast-paced world it seems consumers do not have time. Whether it is reading a news story, buying a pair of shoes or booking a weekend away, people want things fast. Or do they?

In an attempt to slow down the pace, improve the experience and let content take centre stage online, some brands are embracing more interactive web platforms.

Online domestic appliance retailer has used video to showcase 50 per cent of its product range, including one in which the build quality of a washing machine is demonstrated by a member of staff performing press ups on the open door.

Quality is also central to a new digital-first series by The Economist. The publisher is using an immersive storytelling style that uses online technology to enhance the content rather than distract from it., meanwhile, has recently launched a platform that will connect new customers with 100 ‘brand advocates’ to organise virtual or home visits so that they can see the desk or sofa they want to purchase in situ.

“We don’t all live in crumbling Venetian Palazzos or huge open plan loft conversions and, as beautiful as those promotional shots might be, sometimes it’s good to have an idea of what a particular sofa might look like in your own sitting room by looking at other people’s real homes,” says one of the brand advocates opening their home to the masses.

Online will never be the same as real life but brands are finding innovative ways to replicate the brand experience online and, critically, in a way that enhances reputation and drives sales.

All in all it is a very interesting article indeed for anyone interested in branding, improving the customer journey (and conversion rates), so please do read the full article on branding


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