Attracting customers and increasing sales on your ecommerce site

Anyone can set up an ecommerce website to sell goods or services but getting your website found by the right customers is essential in order to make a success of it. You need to start by having a really good ecommerce site to draw your customers in and buy from you. The website is so important and there are certain things that can make or break your site. Attracting customers and then keeping them coming back is the goal.

If you own an e commerce website, one of your primary concerns is always going to be how to increase sales. Though the amount of traffic that you can direct to your site is obviously going to play a major role, how your e commerce site is actually designed is equally important.

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If you confuse/irritate those that visit your site, they will bounce. And when that happens, you lose money. This is why usability is so essential when it comes to e commerce sites. Should you be looking to improve the user experience that your e commerce website currently offers, here are eight tips for doing just that.

Get Your Product Pages Right
It always surprises me just how many e commerce websites don’t adequately describe the products that they sell. Inadequate descriptions lead to confusion, they lead to doubt and they lead to lost sales.

  • Your product descriptions should be written with consumers in mind. Avoid technical jargon, keep things simple.
  • Focus on high resolution images. The primary downside of online shopping is that consumers cannot actually see what they are buying. Include as many images as possible, especially for high value products.

Optimize Your “Add to Cart” Buttons
How your “add to cart” buttons are designed is incredibly important when it comes to sales. Subtle changes can have surprising effects.

  • Studies have shown that colors such as green and blue invite clicks. Colors such as red and orange on the other hand, are known to have the opposite effect.
  • Studies have also shown that you should be direct. Buy Now buttons are known to be much more effective than those labeled “learn more”.

Focus on User Friendly Navigation
Users that bounce don’t purchase products. And one of the most common causes of a higher than normal bounce rate is poor navigation. When somebody visits your site, don’t confuse them. It should be immediately obvious how they can find what they are looking for.

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