5 SEO mistakes Not to make in WordPress

At Rouge we understand the appeal of WordPress, some of our clients even going so far as to specify that we must build their site using this free, open source software. We are quite happy to do this, but in some cases it is not the right course and we always tell our clients is this is the case.

Some times this means we lose the business, in other cases we build the sites in Drupal, this being a better alternative to WordPress in some cases.

BUT, when we do design and build the sites in WordPress and when the customer wants to be found on the Search Engines (not all want too, some sites are just online Brochures) then we always make sure to attend to those ‘little details’ that make all the difference in the world of Search Engine Optimisation.

Have a look at this post, it covers a lot of the required ground:-

5 crazy SEO mistakes not to make in WordPress

There’s a nasty rumor going around that WordPress is beautifully set up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “out of the box.” We’re all fans of WordPress – but the core software does need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to SEO.

In reality, if your idea of optimizing your WordPress stops at hitting Publish on your latest post, you’re missing out on a lot of potential. But even those of you who feel that you are doing quite a lot in terms of onsite optimization are probably making at least one of the following mistakes (I know I certainly have done in the past).

5 crazy WordPress mistakes

So take a few moments to digest the following common SEO mistakes made by WordPress users – I’ll be offering straightforward solutions to each one!

1) Not Providing an XML Sitemap
2) Poor Categorization and Tagging
3) Not Defining Canonical URLs
4) Not Optimizing Your Site for Google+ Authorship
5) Not Optimizing How Your Posts Look in the SERPs

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