32 Lead Generation Tips for your Next Marketing Campaign

If you area a business owner then you’ll understand that you have to market your products or service to some degree if you want to make as many sales as you could.

The trouble is that there is just so much to read and to do. That is why many businesses need help and where companies like Rouge Media come in, because we and our partners do all the reading and research for you (at least when it comes to your website is concerned) and make / suggest all the changes needed to keep your site and business a head of the pack.

Marketing Tips
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Nevertheless, this article on lead generation marketing tips is well worth the read if you have the time. If not of course, give the team at Rouge Media a call, we’ll be happy to help and to fill in all those ‘blanks’ for you.

As marketers, we spend absurd amounts of time and resources creating content and planning campaigns. For many of us, the end goal is to generate new leads that will eventually become paying customers.
We know that a steady stream of leads is an essential component of keeping a business afloat – but coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done.
So how about a little inspiration?
Here are 32 proven and actionable ideas to energize your lead generation efforts.
Optimizing Your Landing Page for Lead Generation

  1. Create a product video
    65% of us are visual learners. Why not explain your offering in a way that speaks to the majority?According to this case study, product explainer videos can generate leads at a rate of up to 33%. When done right, videos keep us engaged and can inspire us to take action.

    Product videos don’t need to be long or complex, and with tools like Animoto, they’re increasingly easy to make.

    65% of us are visual learners. Why not explain your offering in a way that speaks to the majority?

  2. Don’t mention spam!A test run by Michael Aagard showed that including the phrase “100% privacy – we will never spam you!” on a signup form reduced conversions by a full 18%.

    It’s okay to reassure privacy, but try doing it in a fun way that doesn’t include the word “spam.”

    When in doubt, run A/B tests to be sure your signup forms are optimized for conversion.

  3. Try the squint testSquint (or take a few shots of whiskey, your choice) and then look at your website. Does the call to action stand out?

    In this study, a travel website tested a CTA in the left column against a more contrasting CTA that passed the squint test. The result was a 591% increase in leads.

    Go squint at your landing pages now!

  4. Give fewer choicesHick’s Law carries the principle that fewer choices means less confusion – and less confusion means more leads. This is why you should limit confusion by having a single CTA.

    MySiteAuditor decreased the options on a free trial signup page from six to one and saw a 25% jump in their conversion rate.

  5. Use gated videosWistia’s Turnstile allows you to add email opt-in forms to your videos. You can even set the form to appear in time with a verbal CTA.
  6. Make excellent posts downloadable in exchange for an emailQuoteroller created a list of SEO directories in Australia, which was receiving 800+ visits per month but wasn’t generating leads.

    After adding an option to download the post in a PDF format in return for an email address, the post peaked at five new leads per day and has resulted in 200 new email subscribers so far.

  7. Optimize your about page
    Whatever you may call it, your “about” or “team” page is very important to your business. This is where people see who you are and what you’re about. It’s also a great place to have a call to action.

  8. Blog consistently (actually do it)This one’s old – we know by now that blogging is effective for generating leads. In spite of this, not many companies have strong and consistent content calendars (many give up when no results come in the first month or two).

    But remember that once you’ve built up the traffic to your blog, your job isn’t done. Your readers have self-selected as being interested in what you have to offer, but they’re not yet on your list.

  9. Create and optimize evergreen contentSuper in-depth posts take long to write but can pay off over time. If you frame them correctly, they can turn into content pillars that continue to draw traffic long after their publish date. Consider the screenshot below, which shows the traffic for a post on the Interact blog entitled “How to Make a BuzzFeed Style Quiz.”
  10. Identify leads on Twitter with Followerwonk
    On Twitter, you can think of leads as fruit. Some are ripe and ready to use your product, while others need some time or nurturing and would be a waste of time for you to contact. Followerwonk helps make the distinction for you

There are another 22 tips in the article too !!


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