2016 to be the Year of Video on the Web

There is no doubt that people love video, it being after all in reality a set of moving pictures (and people love pictures), all of which is important, because, if  the saying  ‘a picture says a thousand words’ is true it must then be a fact that a video says ‘millions of words’.

Example of a site with built in videos

Just look at the music industry. Music is after all an auditory experience, but now, what performer does not create a video to promote their product? Videos can also be seen as short TV programmes, and certainly TV adverts are really ‘videos’ in the context of the internet, and we all know just how much money is spent on that channel and the amount of thought that goes into each one.

On the Internet we can see just how important video has become, just look at the way YouTube has expanded (it is now the second largest Search Engine).

All of this has not escaped the eyes of the marketing fraternity of course, and now it seems that 2016 is going to become the year of the video with more effort and money being allocated to this channel.

We already know that Google likes video (especially if it is embedded from YouTube) and that many people also prefer pages with videos, rather than just textual explanations (both is best of course).

The question is probably then not ‘Why is video set to be the next best thing?’ , but rather ‘Why has it taken so long for people to understand the power of video?’

With this in mind the following two blogs we came across will I am sure prove to be very interesting (there is also a link to a PDF that provides even more information on trends in 2016 for those that want to delve deeper still).
The first one is all about expenditure trends for Marketing in 2016, whilst the second details 7 useful tools for creating your own videos. Of course, video production is best left to the experts, but if you want to put your toe into the water, or don’t have the budget for a major ‘production ‘ then you will we are sure find these tools useful.


Report reveals video an increasingly important marketing content channel

All marketing eyes are on visual content this year, according to new research that shows more than ever are investing in video

ALF Insight’s latest report (in PDF) reveals that more marketers than ever will be investing in video this year. Overall, 60% of marketers are looking to use video in 2016, a 20% YoY rise.

According to the report, “Last year, video ranked as the sixth most popular medium with only 40% of marketers using it in their marketing mix. More businesses will look to integrate video on their websites, as well as incorporating it into their social strategy, (Periscope, Vine and AudioBuffer) as YouTube is no longer the only choice when it comes to digital video players and platforms.”

In fact, the report shows that marketing budgets are on the rise with more marketers looking to invest in a multitude of new technologies in the coming year. Eighty-eight percent of marketers plan to increase or maintain their spending level during 2016 compared to 84% last year. The publishing, Internet and retail sectors are those with the highest marketing spend.

And the one on Video Tools:-

7 Fantastic Tools For Video Marketing

video marketingVideo marketing is the new big thing. Every marketing blog tells you how essential video is to your business—no matter what type of business you’re actually running. New statistics are coming out all the time about how much videos can increase your engagement and audience retention. If you’re an entrepreneur you simply can’t afford to ignore this trend towards video marketing.

Luckily you don’t need a huge budget to get started adding video content of vlogging to generate more exposure to your business.

You can make all kinds of nifty videos with the incredible tools below.


With this easy-to-use tool you can combine a series of images to create a short video story, ideal for Facebook or Instagram. You can install this tool on any operating system and start making your own videos within an hour.

    Stop Motion

Stop motion is one of the most interesting film techniques out there and this app makes creating your own stop motion videos easier than ever before. Allowing you to watch and edit your video frame by frame, this intuitive app gives you complete control over your own videos and even allows you to buy small upgrades like sound effects. Unfortunately at this time it is only available for iOS.


If you’re looking for something really simple Animoto is the program with you. Simply upload all the photos & videos you want to string together, add music and a range of other features offered by the editor and embed it in your website code. There is a mobile Animoto app as well so you can more easily share videos on mobile.


PowToon is a tool specifically designed to create animated videos for brands and products. They offer a variety of video templates, characters and transitions to make it easier to create your own video but you can also create your own template from scratch.


One of the few high quality web-based video editors, WeVideo allows you to combine still photos and audio recordings to create a compelling video story. You can also download the WeVideo mobile app to create videos while you’re out and about.


Designed to help businesses create simple promotional videos, Wideo offers a variety of templates for you to choose from as well as allowing you to create your own template from scratch. With this program it’s also easy to pull your logo or other branded graphics into your videos.

    YouTube Editor

If you’ve already got some cool video you can use the YouTube Editor to do a whole range of things including adding a fill light, altering contrast and changing the length of your video. You can also add transcripts and annotations to make your video more SEO friendly.

Creating videos for your business sounds like a daunting prospect but it doesn’t have to be.


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