17 Tips For Establishing Audience Loyalty

At Rouge we understand the importance of creating a brand and of protecting it. But of course the whole point of this is to get, and keep, customers and that means establishing and maintain loyalty.

It is a fact in today’s world that loyalty is hard to come by, people just not being so willing to give this, at least unless they believe that is has been earnt.


With all this in mind we thought that this article was a must to share with our audience, the 17 tips being very useful (you’ll have to read the full article to see these by the way).

The hardest part of all this is that to do the job properly, you have to do a lot of soul searching and that can be hard. The good news is that we at Rouge can help with the process and ensure that not only does your brand attract potential customers, but that it also encourages them to ‘like’ and follow your business and its products.

We acheive this in many ways, one of them being the addition of high quality content to a site, content that answers the questions and problems of your customers and that also promises more of the same.

Please do enjoy the article


When it comes to audience loyalty, most organizations blame the audience, competition, employees, or marketing efforts – everyone but themselves – for their lack of loyalty.

While all those other things might contribute to the problem, they are not the core of the issue.

In order to truly establish audience loyalty, you need to take responsibility for your brand. There’s something in the way you communicate and engage that’s not fostering a connection. So before you blame external factors, you’ve got to evaluate your own internal practices.

Are You Missing One of These Three Things?

Your organization needs three things in order to establish audience loyalty:

  • Reputation
  • Credibility
  • Integrity

When you use these characteristics as a foundation, you’ll instill that basis in your employees, which, in turn, will be noticed by your customers.

But if you’re lacking in one of these areas, that’s where your real problem with audience loyalty lies.

When You Build Trust, You Build Loyalty


Reputation, credibility, and integrity serve one main purpose: trust building. And as Sally Hogshead so eloquently put it in the quote above, that’s the best way to earn your audience’s loyalty.

As we look into the following strategies, you’ll see that many directly correlate to building trust with your audience. Backed by science, data, and personal experience, these strategies will leave you well-equipped to build audience loyalty.

Go ahead and apply them to your organization. I dare you.

Strategies for Establishing Audience Loyalty

Are you ready to build an audience on the foundation of reputation, credibility, and integrity? If so, you’re ready for these 17 killer strategies.

Strategically implement them across your organization and you’ll love the results they bring.

1. Narrow Down Your Unique Value Proposition

2. Develop Your Own Voice

3. Be on a Mission for a Cause

4. Start Publishing Content

What does content have to do with brand loyalty? More than you could imagine. 62% of millennials feel that online content drives their loyalty to a brand.

If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Brands in every industry can invest in the power of content marketing. No one is exempt from publishing. Starbucks has taken this to heart. They’re officially becoming a media company.

You might not have Starbucks’s resources. But you still have the ability to publish content. Start today. Don’t wait any longer.

5. Help in Every Way Possible

At the end of the day, it’s all about the customer. Without them, you can do nothing. That’s why it’s so important to provide help in every way possible.

Your brand can do the same.

6. Give More Than You Receive

People will always show loyalty to responsible companies. They want to see you giving back to the world, not just taking from it.

7. Showcase Results You Bring

88% of consumers look at things like customer reviews, social media posts, and other online indicators before making a purchasing decision.

Customers invest tons of time in online research. Your brand should make this process as simple as possible. Assets like case studies give you a perfect opportunity to showcase the results you’ve brought others.

That instills trust.

There are plenty of ways to use case studies in your marketing as well. Make the decision to work with your company easy by instilling loyalty through the results you brought others.

8. Become an Active Listener

9. Build Real Relationships

Real relationships are formed by going above and beyond the call of duty. You may not find these opportunities every day. But if you seize them when they come your way, you just might land a customer for life.

10. Let Your Personality Shine

Everyone has a unique personality that’s shaped by their beliefs, experiences, and internal dialogue. And it’s no different in business.

11. Acknowledge Your Customers

12. Always Accept Responsibility

13. Invest in Professional Design

14. Enlist the Help of a Writer

You’ve got to create amazing content. So if you don’t have the time to produce enough content on your own or don’t consider yourself a writer, hire one.

High quality content is the only way to make a real impact with content marketing. And when you invest in quality, you’ll stand out from the crowd, gain attention, and build brand strength.

15. Highlight Social Proof

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, but only 33% trust ads.

16. Set Up Strong Email Marketing

Establishing audience loyalty happens in two phases:

  1. Gaining initial trust
  2. Building on that trust over time

Solid email marketing assists you with the second phase. It’s a way to interact with your audience consistently over time.

17. Don’t Take Shortcuts

I hate to break it to you, but you simply can’t expect to find a magical solution that makes your audience loyal. It’s an iterative process built over time. You won’t find any shortcuts (or even killer strategies) that take away the hard work.

The examples featured in this article are from companies that invested months, years, and decades of dedicated service to their customers.

And when it comes right down to it, that’s the only real way to make an impact – dedicated service to your audience.

Are You Ready to Establish a Loyal Audience?

To establish audience loyalty, you need to build a reputation of credibility and integrity. Do so by giving your audience a consistent, authentic experience using the strategies described above.

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