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We believe that a website should be usable by all. At Rouge we endeavour to apply the principles of accessible design to everything we do. As part of the website briefing process Rouge will discuss with you the options for accessibility. These requirements may include specific audio browser compatibility (e.g. Jaws) or close captioned video content. If a website is designed, built and maintained correctly all users will have equal access to the content and functionality.

The needs that web accessibility aims to address include: Visual impairment, blindness or colour blindness; motor/mobility issues including tremors or loss of fine muscle control; deafness; seizures caused by flashing effects; or cognitive or intellectual disabilities. Rouge will apply best practices and standards in web design, web development and testing to make the site as accessible as possible and in agreement with your original requirements.

Contact us at Rouge to chat about accessibility or if you would like us to perform a free accessibility audit your current website.

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